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About Us
About Us Greetings
Founded with the management concept of "Let's imagine, make imagination a reality,
and help humanity around the world," we are a platform company that solves customer problems
and concerns through steady research and development, and supports customers' future paths.

We sincerely thank you for your support for the growth of Korea Sorimachi Co., Ltd., which started
in 1987 jointly with Sorimachi Group of Japan, for more than 30 years. Thanks to you, we would like to break up
with Japan Sorimachi Group and change our name to SM SOFT LAB which is a pure company of Korean capital.

We’re trying to break away from what we've been doing so far and start a new challenge.
We will boldly overcome the barriers of fear and conflict, choose unstable opportunities rather than to be safe,
and make it to be a value-creating enterprise.

All of our employees will always be waiting for you as a company that is prepared to make customer impressions.
Please support and choose the new SM SOFT LAB.
From the moment you choose us, your heart will start to move.

Thank you.

SM SOFT LAB’s all executives and employees

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SM SOFT LAB Address : 272, Digital-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul (Guro-dong, Hanshin IT Tower 701)
CEO : JEON Yong Bae Company Registration Number : 214-81-04360
TEL : 02-2108-6574 FAX : 02-2108-6579 E-mail :

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