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Product Chart
Chart a general outline
  • Based on a variety of experiences and user needs, each OS (Windows, Android, iPhone, Xamarin)
    This chart is continuously being updated.
Chart function
  • 1Order function can be connected.
  • 2You can display position data.
  • 3You can change the area of the subindex.
  • 4Right margin and various trend lines are provided.
  • 5Modes (fixed/manual/automatic) can be changed.
  • 6Split chart mode is available.
Chart Features
01Provides various forms of chart UI (multi, mini, comparison, split chart)
02Provides various forms of chart UI (multi, mini, comparison, split chart)
03Unicode-type multilingual support
04Separate support for mobile (Android, iOS, Xamarin) charts
  • Xamarin

  • Android

  • iOS

  • Differentiated analysis function

  • Various trend line functions

  • Convenient Order Mode

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