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Business area Financial
We provide a platform that is optimized for the financial market based on accumulated technology and expertise.
We give customers the best quality through stable operation and application of new technologies.
  • Rapid response to various products and new products, etc.
    providing a competitive system
  • Optimized for customers, including thorough
    follow-up and maintenance service delivery
  • Providing a fast, stable Dev. platform
    specialized for the financial market
  • Improve quality and reduce costs with
    standardized Dev. tools
  • Provides development tools applicable to a
    wide variety of media
  • Offering and customizing next-generation/
    HTS Dev. platforms for securities firms
  • Media Integration (HTML5) Platform
    Delivery and Customization
  • Dev. of Next Generation System for Brokerage Companies
  • Dev. of Securities HTS System
  • Maintenance of Dev. platforms and next-generation/
    HTS systems
  • Trade Expert System Dev
  • Sell chart libraries and version system
  • Dev. of financial commodity system

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SM SOFT LAB Address : 272, Digital-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul (Guro-dong, Hanshin IT Tower 701)
CEO : JEON Yong Bae Company Registration Number : 214-81-04360
TEL : 02-2108-6574 FAX : 02-2108-6579 E-mail :

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