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About Us
About Us History&Status
Name SM SOFT LAB Equity 10 billion KRW
CEO Yong-Bae JEON Nm. of Employees 50
Established Date Dec. 5th, 1987 Settlement Month August
Capital Amount 0.17 billion KRW Biz License 214-81-04360
  • 2021
    • KB Securities Employee's Total Integration Platform
    • FnGuide MyData Android Application Extension Contract
  • 2020
    • FnGuide MyData Android Application
    • DB Financial Investment HTS Foreign Stock System
    • Change of company name : Korea Sorimachi → SM SOFT LAB
    • DB Financial Investment CRM system improvement
    • DB Financial Investment Online Channel Integration Platform_HTS UI Construction
    • Operate FX MTS for 3 Japanese securities firms
    • Maintenance of the transaction system through VIS Financial Investment MTS
      (Multi-variable products, domestic futures, FX margin)
    • Development of KB Securities Computerized System
      (CFD Service Computer Dev.)
    • Additional Dev. and maintenance of the Value Ratio homepage
    • Maintenance of Seoul Foreign Exchange
    • Kyobo Securities HTS Platform Maintenance Contract
    • Development for the Advancement of Foreign Stock in Samsung Securities
    • COREDAX Crypto Currency Exchange China Version and
      TUSD Market Establishment
    • Operate FX MTS for 3 Japanese securities firms
    • Samsung Securities POP HTS Maintenance Contract
    • Establishment of SENBlock Terminal (WTS, homepage, manager) system
    • A Project to Build a Centric Terminal System (MTS_Android)
    • Double UB Holdings Cryptocurrency Android Phone MTS Construction Project
    • Establishment of Strategic Auto Sales System using Personal Customer API
    • Kyobo Securities' HTS Chart Solution Replacement Development
    • KB Securities' IT System Development/Operation Contract
    • Establishment of Pintra Cryptocurrency Exchange Terminal >br/>(WTS, homepage, management system)
    • Building a Centric Block Terminal (MTS iPhone)
    • High-investment Futures Trading System through MTS
      (Multiplier, Domestic Futures, FX Margin)
    • Samsung Securities' PBS Multi-Manager Trading and Swap System
    • Response to the termination of KB Securities's old media and
      improvement of H-able UI,UX
    • Automatic Ordering System Using Centby API
    • YJFX New Smartphone App Development
    • Bispex Cryptocurrency Exchange Terminal (Mobileweb) Construction Project
    • Samsung Futures Overseas Futures Quick Order Development
    • Development of SK Securities Market Increase Solution
    • SK Securities Co.'s Market Increase S/W Commodity Supply Agreement
    • High Investment Futures Overseas Futures Speed Ordering
      Screen Establishment Contract
    • Maintenance of the Belluby website
    • SINFO TrackingView Chart Development Support
    • Mirae Asset Daewoo Vietnam Employee Solutions License Agreement
    • DB Financial Investment Accounting System Flex Transition Development Program
    • Operating FX Smart Phone Trading System for five Japanese securities firms
    • KB Securities Co., Ltd. (WS TRADING)
    • Dev. of Kyobo Securities' overseas option HTS3
    • Neoframe Virtualization Exchange Terminal System ASP Maintenance
    • Mirae Asset Daewoo Vietnam HTS
    • tart selling virtual currency trading timestamp (Corona HTS, MTS, WTS)
    • Samsung Securities Co.'s Consolidated Single Operation Agreement
    • Mirae Asset Daewoo's Next Generation HTS Development Agreement
    • Start selling HTML5 development tools (Hi5 Studio)
    • Korea Virtual Currency Exchange HTS Coin (Corona HTS Open)
    • SK Securities FID Response HTS Open
    • Mirae Asset Daewoo's Next Generation System Terminal Agreement
    • Mirae Asset Daewoo Cairo Content Development Agreement
    • KB to win integrated HTS orders at Hyundai Securities Co.
    • Samsung Securities Co. Operating Integrated Terminal
    • Mirae Asset Securities HTS Maintenance
    • Global Tax Free Co., Ltd. is developing a remittance
    • KTB Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. under Dev. of Bingo+
    • Dev. and operation of MTS (EzMTS) for Hyundai Futures Co., Ltd.
    • WiseReport (WiseReport) Operation
    • Japanese securities firm FX Smart Phone Trading System under Dev.
    • Operating FX Smart Phone Trading System for five Japanese securities firms
    • NH Futures Co., Ltd. Responding to Modification of
      Smart Futures (MTS) Stock Pop-up
    • Dev. of KTB Investment & Securities (MTS) Credit Loan Screen
    • Dev. of Socket Communication Library for Global Texas Free Co., Ltd.
    • Future Daewoo Securities' Future Daewoo Integrated HTS Dev.
    • Samsung Securities' HTS UX Improvement and
      Retirement Pension, ITS Development
    • Samsung Securities Co. Operating Integrated Terminal
    • Mirae Asset Securities HTS Maintenance
    • Maintenance of foreign exchange futures integrated terminal
    • Japan Securities (Five Companies) FX Smart Phone HTS Operation
    • Hanwha Securities HTS Upgrade
    • Hana Daetoo Securities' Next Generation Order
    • African TV Overseas Futures HTS Orders
    • Kyobo Securities Co. Overseas Stock Development Co.
    • Our Futures Night CME Orders (Smartphone)
    • Eugene Investment & Securities Co.'s Night CME Order
    • Eugene Investment & Securities' X-Ray order
    • Kyobo Securities Co.'s Night CME Order
    • KOSCOM Check Terminal Order
    • Dev. of E-Trade Securities Futures Options Expert System Orders
    • Hanwha Securities Co. Development of Next Generation Orders
    • Development of CTI Orders for Hanwha Securities Co.
    • Development of HTS Orders for Mirae Asset Securities Co.
    • Development of Next Generation Orders for Eugene Securities
    • Dev. of Integrated HTS and Comprehensive MTS Services for Our Futures
    • Dev. of KTB Investment & Securities HTS Upgrade and Thailand HTS
    • Kyobo Securities' Overseas Futures/FX Margin HTS, Business Dev. Co.
    • KTB Investment & Securities Co.'s Stock Futures for SmartPhone Upgrade
    • Kyobo Securities Co.'s Next Generation HTS Dev.
    • Dev. of Integrated HTS and Business System for Samsung Futures
    • Development of FX Margin for KTB Investment &
      Securities (SmartPhone) and ASP Service
    • SK Securities HTS Upgrade
    • Development of Integrated HTS for Hyundai Futures
    • Development of Integrated HTS for Foreign Exchange Futures
  • 2010
    • Hanwha Securities' HTS, Samsung Securities' Next Generation HTS
    • E-Trade Securities FX Margin System,
      NH Investment & Securities Next Generation HTS Upgrade
    • SK Securities HTS Upgrade
    • Quick order development of Woori Investment & Securities
    • FX Margin System for KTB Investment & Securities
    • Bueun, Eugene Investment, and Woori Futures FX Margin in operation
    • Dev. of E-daily CBSBuilder Product Delivery and Information Terminals
    • Eugene Investment & Securities Champion,
      Integrated Development of HTS to Seoul
    • Hyundai Securities' Next Generation Client Development
    • Development of HTS for Eugene Investment & Securities
    • Samsung Securities' Next Generation UI_TOOL and
      HTS Maintenance (Annual contract)
    • Woori Futures Margin FX System (ASP contract)
    • DoubleU-Premium HTS Development (SK Securities)
    • Development of HTS for NH Investment & Securities (N-Hiway)
    • Developed Samsung Futures HTS (Fn Pro Max)
    • Woori Futures Overseas Futures Development
    • Samsung Futures Overseas Futures Development
    • Upgrade KOSCOM's Check Expert
    • Dev. of Samsung Securities' Next Generation System
      UI_Tool and MCA (Integrated System)
    • Kiwoom Securities’ HTS Upgrade
    • Development of a corporate sales expert system for Woori Securities
    • Dev. of FX Margin System Mobile Version of Obit Corporation, Japan
    • Dev. of Korea Bank's Bond Information System
    • AlbumOK New Product Announcement
      (Two License Products, School Products)
    • 2005 Participation in International Video Equipment and Materials (AlbumOK)
    • Dev. of Securities Computerized Bond Dealing System
    • Dev. of FX Margin System in Obit, Japan
    • oint Dev. of JA Version of Japanese Agricultural Journal
      (History Management of Agricultural Mills)
    • Dev. of Samsung Futures HTS
    • Dev. of LG Securities' Wrap Account
    • Supply "CBS Builder Toolset" to LG Futures Ledger and HTS Development
    • Joint Development of Japanese Farmland Management System
    • KOSCOM’s NewCheck Terminal Dev. Completed
    • The relocation of the company to Guro Digital Complex
    • Supply of "CBS Builder Toolset" for the establishment of
      KOSDAQ supervision system
    • Win an order for Kiwoom Securities’ HTS Development
    • Online agricultural management accounting
      software soft farm country service launch
    • Samsung Securities development of futures/options expert system
    • AlbumOK V2 Sales Initiated
    • Joint Development of Agricultural Management Bookkeeping in Japan
    • Dev. of Hyundai Securities ACE System with CBSBuilder
    • Dev. of Expert System for LG Investment & Securities with CBSBuilder
    • Dev. of a Modern Futures System with CBSBuilder
    • Dev. of a Comprehensive System for Seoul Securities with CBSBuilder
    • Dev. of Securities Computerized Securities
      Information System Using FID Concept
    • Dev. of Daewoo Securities Futures/Options Expert System
    • Dev. of an Optional Strategic System for LG Investment & Securities
    • Renewal of Farm Nara (, a portal site specializing in agriculture
    • Dev. of Korea System Trade Co., Ltd. HTS with CBSBuilder
    • CBSBuilder Korea Financial Daily Selected Hit Products in the First Half of 2001
    • Kiwoom Securities Information Service Dev
    • Dev. of a Comprehensive System for Good Morning Securities with CBSBuilder
    • Register venture company as CBSBuilder
    • Application of CBSBuilder System LG Securities to HTS Development
    • Dev. of Securities PDA HTS for Windows CE
  • 2000
    • Co-developed Japanese Account King DX
    • Mirae-Asset Securities Integrated System
    • Digital album ‘Album-OK’ Salesment
    • Agricultural Portal Site Open(
    • Cheil Investment Securities System
    • SSS Tool to Japan (contract with Japan Info.Center)
    • Dev. Seoul Securities Investment Information System
    • Dev. of a Baskets Ordering System for LG Securities
    • Korea Sorimachi Branch (Tokyo, Japan)
    • Small and Medium Business Administration
      Technology Innovation Development Project (Electronic Album System)
    • Dev. of a Comprehensive System for Hyundai Securities (Director)
    • Joint participation in the development of ETRI ERP system
      (Development of ERP Editor)
    • Establishment of Subsidiary Research Institution
    • Selected as DACOM’s partner
    • Dev. of Daishin Securities Comprehensive System
      (New Joint Online)
    • Sixth Trainee Dispatch to Japan (4 people)
    • Japanese Fujitsu Video Editing System Development
    • Development of investment information system for Dae-Shin Securities
      (starting full-scale domestic development)
    • Fifth Trainee Dispatch to Japan (4 people)
    • Fourth Trainee Dispatch to Japan (4 people)
    • Japan's NHK News Report of successful S/W Joint Enterprise
    • Selected as a special company for military service
    • Join the Korea Agricultural Information Technology Research Association
    • Join Yongin Information System Industrial Complex Cooperative
    • Accreditation from the service sector to the manufacturing of computer programs
    • Joint Development of Japan's Agricultural Management Book Software with Japan
    • BASIC INTERFACE Software Development and Export (Japan)
    • Third Trainee Dispatch to Japan (4 people)
    • Joining the Software Industry Association
    • Second Trainee Dispatch to Japan (4 people)
    • First Trainee Dispatch to Japan (4 people)
    • Establishment of joint venture (50% of Koreans, 50% of foreigners)

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SM SOFT LAB Address : 272, Digital-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul (Guro-dong, Hanshin IT Tower 701)
CEO : JEON Yong Bae Company Registration Number : 214-81-04360
TEL : 02-2108-6574 FAX : 02-2108-6579 E-mail :

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