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Product KSM Builder
KSM Builder
What is KSMBuilder?
KSMBuilder Expert is an integrated terminal solution that helps to build a CS environment with as little cost and short development period as possible to solve
problems that require large amounts of business screens and a large number of developers to be involved in the construction of a vast system of financial companies.
This tool introduces the concept of an object and is designed to be a stock-only tool written as a dynamic library, and the objects included in the tool are
available when developing other programs. It also enables components that are already commercialized to be imported and used in this tool.
Considering that communication protocols are different among securities companies,
we support the production of separate self-produced communication modules so that they do not affect this system.
Flow Diagram
KSM Builder Flow Diagram
KSM Builder Components
The KSMBuilder Expert consists of 8 product lines. Screen Builder , Grid Builder , Menu Builder , Tran&FID Builder
Tran& FID Log Viewer, Runtime Browser, Design Server, Version Manager
each of the following roles.
Screen Builder

A tool for creating screens. The UI on the screen can only be created in the Screen Builder workspace.
Scripts for component control can also be created in Screen Builder only.

Screen Builder
Grid Builder

It is a grid component-specific production tool that enables easy and convenient UI design and data shuffling,
considering that major screens of financial companies are composed of tabular shapes.
These components support compatibility with different types of tabular shapes (simple, repeatable,
horizontal, tree-type, footter-type grid, subtotal ), bulk data processing (virtual grids), Excel.

Grid Builder
Menu Builder

A tool that defines a menu. You can create a menu that reflects the business nature of the menu,
which depends on your permissions, and the menus that are created are reflected through the Runtime Browser.

Menu Builder
Tran & FID

Provides tools to define and test communication layout.

Tran & FID Builder
Tran & FID
Log Viewer

A tool that monitors communications with the server.

Tran & FID Log Viewer
Runtime Brower

This is the browser that customers will use. This Runtime Browser combines accumulated
Know-How with the latest technology.
It's a high-performance, easy-to-use system for everyone from beginners to professionals.
It also delivers light, fast performance, even with maximum speed and versatility.

Runtime Brower
Design Server

The design server stores information on screens created by each tool in a repository created using UML techniques.
Integrated management of screens, menus, trans, etc. will be provided through Database
Management to support multiple languages.

Design Server
Version Manager

A versioning tool that uploads and manages files to the deployment server.
Update and manage files through the UI.

 Version Manager

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