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Product Hi5 Studio
Hi5 Studio
What is Hi5 Studio?
Hi5 Studio is the next generation UI platform for the development of HTML5-based financial integration systems, and it is the next generation UI platform that
can be serviced in one source and various devices. It ensures system stability in the event of rich screen, fast response speed, and data explosion,
and provides developers with faster development productivity. It is a next-generation financial service UI platform that perfectly responds to
customers' demands for HTML5, such as Web standards, cross browsers, and mobile devices, with an HTML5-based UI/UX development solution.
Flow Diagram
Flow Diagram
Hi5 Studio Features
Hi5 Studio
Hi5 Studio Platform
Single Page Mode
Single Page Mode (SPA)
Multi Document
Multi Document Mode (MDI)
Mobile Mode
Mobile Mode (MTS)
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Hi5 Studio Characteristics
  • Based on HTML5 standard
    technology, Extend your system
    and gain compatibility

  • Multi-platform support
    One Source Multi Use (OSMU)

  • Specialization of Financial Systems
    (Real-time market price,
    real-time order closing),
    Virtual currency specialization
    (minimal point processing) capabilities

  • WYSIWYGS considering developer
    convenience Provide the environment
    of the development work
    based on the foundation

  • Development Information
    (Screen Information, Transformation,
    Menu Information, etc.)
    Provide DB Management

  • Rich UI control and financial services
    By providing specialized controls.
    Reduction and reuse of
    development time,
    Work productivity enhancement

  • Provides system distributed
    processing for real-time
    market surges

  • Multi Document Interface (MDI)/ for PC
    Single Document Interface (SDI)
    for Mobile Supports format
    display features

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