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Product Alpharo Studio
Alpharo Studio
What is Alpharo Studio?
Alpharo Studio is a total development solution that helps to develop HTS/Office/Hybrid App/Web in just one tool.
We We identified development and operation problems faced by each securities company and developed it as an optimal tool to respond to them.
It has absorbed all the functions of the existing CS development tool, KSM Builder, and the hybrid app development tool, Hi5Studio, and also provides the ability to create general web pages.
In particular, hybrid apps are combined with cross-platform Flutter to increase the convenience of mobile application development and operation.
Alpharo Studio Characteristics
Alpharo Studio Characteristics
Alpharo Studio Characteristics
Alpharo Studio Characteristics
Alpharo Studio Components
Alpharo Studio is composed of 6 products. Screen Builder, Web Builder, Grid Builder, Menu Builder, Tran&REAL Builder
Log Viewer
, and each product has its own role as below.
Screen Builder

It is a UI tool. You can design Windows and Hybrid App's screen UI.

Screen Builder
Web Builder

You can manage all files and screen UI for a Web Project.

Web Builder
Grid Builder

It is a grid component-specific production tool that enables easy and convenient UI design and data shuffling, considering that major screens of financial companies are composed of tabular shapes. These components support compatibility with different types of tabular shapes (simple, repeatable, horizontal, tree-type, footter-type grid, subtotal ), bulk data processing (virtual grids), Excel.

Grid Builder
Menu Builder

A tool that defines a menu. You can create a menu that reflects the business nature of the menu,
which depends on your permissions, and the menus that are created are reflected through the Runtime Browser.

Menu Builder
Tran & REAL

You can define and test transactions of Tran/Http/FID/Real layout.

Tran & REAL Builder
Log Viewer

A tool for monitoring transactions between the server and screen.

Log Viewer
AlpharoStudio Hybrid Characteristics
  • Based on HTML5 standard
    technology, Extend your system
    and gain compatibility

  • Multi-platform support
    One Source Multi Use (OSMU)

  • Specialization of Financial Systems
    (Real-time market price,
    real-time order closing),
    Virtual currency specialization
    (minimal point processing) capabilities

  • WYSIWYGS considering developer
    convenience Provide the environment
    of the development work
    based on the foundation

  • Development Information
    (Screen Information, Transformation,
    Menu Information, etc.)
    Provide DB Management

  • Rich UI control and financial services
    By providing specialized controls.
    Reduction and reuse of
    development time,
    Work productivity enhancement

  • Provides system distributed
    processing for real-time
    market surges

  • Multi Document Interface (MDI)/ for PC
    Single Document Interface (SDI)
    for Mobile Supports format
    display features

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